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Rosetta Outcropping Collection

Machine Set Retaining & Freestanding Walls

The Rosetta Outcropping Collection offers beautiful weathered stone textures with multiple natural color blends. Consistent dimensions make installation fast and easy. Made from quality materials, these engineered, interlocking units can be used in any application, for beautiful, long term style and durability.

Rosetta Machine Set Walls & Outcroppings Installation
Rosetta Outcropping FondduLac Retaining Wall

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Superior BuffBuff Rosetta

Auburn RidgeRosetta_Outcropping_AuburnRidge_1700x1700px

Fond DuLac
Fond DuLac

Lakeshore Blend
Lakeshore Blend

Slate Grey
Slate Grey

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Retaining wall Installation Graphic Rosetta
Pallet A 18sft 4000lbs
Sample Pallet Rosetta

Pre-drawn patterns and custom layout software save time in estimating and installation

Rosetta Outcropping Block
Rosetta Outcropping Superior Buff 4
Rosetta Outcropping Superior Buff Gallery 8