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How to Create Stunning Hardscape

Detailed stone textured, rich, earthly colors, organic stone appearance, natural beauty…

There are so many hardscaping materials on the market today, it may be confusing to choose which product is right for your project. This guide book offers you a look at the various products available to you, as well as, different uses for each hardscape.

With Redi-Rock, Redi-Scapes, Rosetta you have all the design elements you need to coordinate your hardscaping project. These elements include retaining wall blocks, freestanding blocks, columns, coping, steps, walkways, and fire pits. With these products, you can build convex and concave walls, 90 degree corners, staircases, water features, planters and much more.

What truly sets our products apart is the combination of textures and colors of natural stone, with the structural benefits of architectural precast concrete that will stand the test of time. Our natural look of stone is one that you can proudly show off to your friends and family.

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Redi-Rock Products Selections include:



  • Grey
  • Buff

Redi-Rock Information


Redi-Scape Retaining wall for plantings and landscape

Redi-Scape Products Selections include:

  • Retaining Wall Blocks
  • Freestanding Walls
  • Columns


  • Ledgestone


  • Grey
  • Buff

Redi-Scape Information


Rosetta Products - Fireplace Kits walkway hardscape , Redi-Wall

Rosetta Products:

  • Retaining Walls
  • Freestanding Walls
  • Columns
  • Stairs
  • Flagstone Pavers
  • Fire Pit Rings
  • Fire Places

Textures and Colors:

There is a wide variety of shapes, sizes, textures and colors…click here to learn more.


Rosetta Information


Redi-Rock Block Figure Sm

Retaining Walls Freestanding & Gravity

Redi-Rock Freestanding - icon -blue Sm

Freestanding Walls

Redi-Rock Accessories - Column and Stairs icon-blue

Hardscape Columns & Stairs

Why Redi-Rock is the best choice for your retaining wall project

This failed dry cast retaining wall was replaced after being compromised by season Michigan weather changes.  The chosen replacement solution was an engineered Redi-Rock retaining wall.


Brown's Hardscape and Redi-Wall



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