Redi-Wall Product Price Guide for 2024

We have recently updated our catalog. We encourage you to download the Redi-Wall *Price Guide. Please feel free to contact office for questions or to request an estimate!

We hope that you find the price guide helpful.

The Redi-Wall Price Guide feature some of our most popular product lines:

  • Redi Rock Retaining Wall
  • Redi Scape Hardscapes
  • Novum Retaining Walls
  • High Format Paver Hardscape
  • Unilock Paver/Walls
  • Fendt Walls/Pavers
  • Oaks Paver Products
  • MSI Surfaces/Hardscapes


*NOTE: This price guide reflects pricing at the time of publishing. Actual price could vary based on availability and shipping cost. Thank you for your understanding at this time. 

You can download the PDF catalogs below!