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This innovative line of hardscape products combines the rugged subtlety of natural weathered stone with the installation efficiency and engineered security of interlocking dimensional concrete blocks. HIGH FORMAT® captivating retaining walls and step collection takes half the time to install compared to natural outcropping stone while eliminating waste and costly overruns.

No other engineered system offers the beauty, the design flexibility and structural stability of the HIGH FORMAT® System. All HIGH FORMAT® products are available in a variety of earthy, natural color blends.


Machine Set Retaining & Freestanding Walls

The HF Outcropping Collection offers beautiful weathered stone textures with multiple natural color blends. Consistent dimensions make installation fast and easy. Made from quality materials, these engineered, interlocking units can be used in any application, for beautiful, long term style and durability.

Rosetta Machine Set Walls & Outcroppings Installation
Rosetta Outcropping - Hardscape

High Format Walls & Columns

The High Format Product Collections have a natural stone texture front and back, blended with natural color blends to create an attractive freestanding and retaining walls. With this collection, there are endless possibilities to create walls, columns, steps, and more.

High Format Machine Set Walls

High Format Handset Walls

High Format Pavers & Flagstone

High Format has a large number of unique shapes that replicate large, irregular flagstone with a natural stone texture. An easy-to-install pattern and uniform thickness allows for fast installation with a comfortable end result, available in multiple natural colors.

High Format Paver

High Format Step Collection

The High Format Step Collection is made with natural texture, shape and multiple color blends. The consistent rise of each step means for fast installation and safe end result. The complimentary products of the High Format Collection allows for endless creative possibilities.

High Format Steps

High Format Fire Pits

High Format’s fire pits are beautiful natural stone texture in multiple natural color blends that integrates with all High Format products. One pallet has all of the stones, the caps, and the steel ring.
High Format Fire Pits